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After getting a PhD in nuclear physics, I've been working in a variety of disciplines from Environmental Management to computer consulting to metallurgy--and writing stories and poems in the off-hours.

Here is an interview I rather like, for Magnolia.



Random Internet


Reference to Air Quality work in Austin


Air Quality

(EPA guidance  doc)



In the works...

Fall 2019


Gabe, Sam and Nat are three teenage brothers who discover that their finely-honed abilities to argue with, mock, and annoy each other can combine to form a superpower, when facing a common enemy.


They take down armed robbers, dismantle a hate group, rescue the entire country from a nuclear menace... and even manage to knock social giant Facelook Corp down a few pegs.


This is a 47000-word YA novel currently seeking representation.

Spring 2020

The Entropy Transform

Josh tells the story of his colleague, frenemy, and boss Andres Valenzuela, who discovers an alternative to quantum mechanics and imperils both of them.


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